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I believe that anthropology is an important tool to both understand how we can build better communities and to reflect upon ways in which we have failed to create inclusive spaces where all can live with dignity. As a field that has too often focused on understanding an "other", anthropology's ability to help us better understand ourselves has been underutilized. I am interested in writing projects and community work that allow me to use anthropology in this dynamic way.

Between completion of my bachelor's degree and commencement of my master's, I worked as a freelance writer and substitute teacher. My work experience also includes conducting community engagemen projects with the Institute for Southern Jewish Life in Jackson, Mississippi, working as a research assistant and consultant for the Prisons Memory Archive, and serving as an intern at the prisoner support group Tar Isteach in Belfast, Northern Ireland.



Ulster University


Queens University Belfast


Millsaps College

My doctoral research examines  viewing linear time as a social construct and in understanding how this relates to power structures when discussing ‘dealing with the past’ and democratization processes.

My master's thesis explored how understandings of the past can be transformed through diverse storytelling archives.

I have a BA in Peace Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. My honors thesis was a work of creative nonfiction that used the ethnographic tools of qualitative interview, walking ethnography, and participant observation.

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