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Laney Lenox


The sudden slowness I experienced in the early days of the pandemic, which in many ways was the inability to act, allowed me the space to reflect on my own ideology and how it could be enacted concretely. This slowness is an act of de-centralization that allows for a non-linear and inclusive re-imagining of progress and the future. 

Everyday Anarchism

She hoped the couple beside them in the park wasn’t listening to their fight. They, the other couple, were so obviously into each other and so obviously on a first date. They were speaking English, so there was a decent chance they didn’t understand German—so many people don’t in Berlin.

Three People Think in Treptower Park

Considering Belfast as a cohesive and collective space progressing at the same rate along a strictly linear timeline does not capture the complexity necessary to consider the diverse needs and desires that become apparent when spending time in various parts of the city.

Divided Progress: De-constructing Time in Belfast


Speaking Engagements

"Everyday Anarchism", The Imagine Festival 2021

"Methodology as Political Process", Anarchist Essays

"Democracy and Dialogue", Build Peace 2020




Laney Lenox is a Berlin-based writer, researcher, and editor. She is finishing a PhD in anthropology and anarchist theory. Her research employs the anarchist ethos of consensus building and applies it to garner more nuanced and inclusive understandings of contentious pasts.

Lenox also has experience in creative writing, journalism, and archival work. Her primary work ambition is to find innovative ways to marry the fields of literary writing and anthropology to gain and help build new understandings into our collective humanity.



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